KSB opens new factory in Brazil


KSB opens new factory in Brazil

FRANKENTHAL -- Pumps and valves manufacturer KSB will inaugurate its new factory today in Jundiaí, Brazil, some 50 km north of São Paulo. The location, designed as a production site for standard pumps and valves, will begin by manufacturing ball, gate and globe valves. Once the valve production is up and running, the company will start supplying the market with standard pumps from the new location.

The new factory, which has so far cost KSB roughly $20 million, measures a total of 100,000 sq m, and accommodates two production shops, and administration and social buildings. With energy efficiency and environmental impact in mind, KSB’s facility will make use of solar energy, waste water treatment and a rainwater storage system.

KSB already manufactures pumps at their location in Várzea Paulista in the state of São Paulo. The required castings are made at the company’s foundry in Americana, 80 km from Várzea Paulista. The Brazilian pumps and valves market continues to grow and is expected to increase by 20% in less than five years. The company has been present in Brazil with a factory since 1954 and currently has a workforce of 933.

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