Tullow: Sabisa-1 encountered hydrocarbons; Successful Ngamia-1 flow test


Tullow: Sabisa-1 encountered hydrocarbons; Successful Ngamia-1 flow test


LONDON -- Tullow Oil said that the Sabisa-1 well in Ethiopia, which has proved technically challenging, encountered hydrocarbons requiring logging and further evaluation, and also announced a successful first flow test of the Ngamia-1 well in Kenya.

The Sabisa-1 well in the South Omo Block in Southern Ethiopia proved technically challenging, now requires a side-track to redrill, log and sample the objective section. It has been drilled to a total depth of 1,810 m; hydrocarbon indications in sands beneath a thick claystone top seal have been recorded while drilling, but whole instability issues have required the drilling of a sidetrack to comprehensively log and sample these zones of interest.

Nevertheless, we are encouraged by the hydrocarbon indications which provide emerging evidence for a working petroleum system in the previously undrilled South Omo Basin. Sidetrack recently commenced and a result is now expected in late May. First of six Ngamia-1 well tests flows at 281 bopd where first of six drill stem tests has now been completed, test was carried out in the Lower Lokhone formation.

Well flowed 281 barrels of 30 degree API oil per day using a Progressive Cavity Pump. The other tests will be carried out in the Auwerwer reservoirs which produced very well in the recent tests at the Twiga South-1 well. The mobilization of the drilling rig from Paipai in Block 10A to the Etuko previously Kamba location in Block 10BB in Kenya continues on schedule with drilling expected to start in the first half of May.

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