New DNV JIP aims to reduce jacking failure


New DNV JIP aims to reduce jacking failure

OSLO -- Risk management and classification services group DNV has formed a joint industry project (JIP) with technical service provider Willteco to define best practices in the maintenance and inspection of jacking gears.

The JIP was formed out of a desire to achieve higher availability, reduce the risk of gear failure and lower the life cycle cost associated with on-board jacking gears. The consequences of gear failure can range from an operator being unable to reposition a platform, to platform instability if jacking gears fail during a jacking operation.

Thorough follow-up and maintenance on jacking gears can be hindered by issues like the high turnover of people with specific knowledge on board, the evolving nature of the systems and the natural focus on the production process and systems.

Based on their respective backgrounds as a classification society and recognized service supplier, DNV and Willteco have initiated a project to improve the inspection and maintenance of jacking gears. The two groups aim to combine their experiences and relevant considerations to reach their individual objectives while working jointly.

The JIP’s goal is to develop a recommended practice document that describes the solution to achieve higher availability and at the same time reduces the risk of jacking gear failure. The overall life cycle cost will also be on the agenda. The JIP plans to: collect and analyze experienced near-incidents; mutually review current inspection and maintenance work supported by risk-based modeling; and define and select best practices.

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