Magnum Oil Tools develops dissolving frac ball


Magnum Fastball eliminates need for well intervention

CORPUS CHRISTI-- The Magnum Oil Tools' recently released Fastball fracing ball eliminates the need for drill-outs by dissolving on its own at a predictable rate, with just temperature. By bypassing the need for drill-outs, the Magnum Fastball also removes the risk of events that would require well interventions, like stuck frac balls or loose frac ball fragments.

The Fastball works anywhere composite frac plugs or sliding sleeves are effective and offers predictable dissolution under heat, after which, hydrocarbons can flow freely between the formation and the wellbore.

Fastball has high compressive strength capabilities and is available in sizes from 0.75 in. to 4.625 in., in 1/16 increments.

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