Italy won't develop shale gas, plans national production boost


Italy won't develop shale gas, plans national production boost 


ROME--Italy doesn't want to develop shale gas because of environmental concerns and because it aims to double its conventional hydrocarbon output, a government energy official said Thursday.

"We aim to up national production [of conventional hydrocarbons] to 14% [of our total energy needs] by 2020 from 7%," said Leonardo Senni, the industry ministry's head of the energy, at a conference in Rome.

"This [increased conventional hydrocarbon production] would add 0.5 percentage point to gross domestic product."

There are no plans to develop shale gas in Italy because of environmental issues and because its potential in the country is limited, Mr. Senni said.

The ministry plans to issue next week a decree with the environment ministry to approve the national energy plan, currently at the consultation stage with interested parties such as energy companies and consumers, he said.

The plan aims to slash the country's bill on imported energy by 23% in 2020 and so reduce energy costs more in line with other European nations in a bid to make local goods more competitive.

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