Norstra appoints new CEO


Norstra appoints new CEO

LAREDO, Texas -- Norstra Energy Inc. has appointed Glen Landry as CEO and president of the company.

Mr. Landry is a seasoned, third generation geologist from the University of Montana. His grandfather was involved in the development of the famous Kevin Sunburst Oil field in Montana, and the family has been active in the oil industry ever since. Mr. Landry received a geology degree from the University of Montana over 30 years ago, and his main exploration and development focus has been Montana and North Dakota. During the 1980s he consulted for Occidental Petroleum, which, amongst other oil companies, were very active in exploring and shooting seismic throughout northwestern Montana. These efforts were focused on finding crude oil in deep formations, but were not economically feasible at the time, but now represent a viable source of untraditional oil through fracing and other modern extraction techniques.

Under Mr. Landry's leadership, the company has begun the process of evaluating lands in northwestern Montana with an aim toward acquiring a sizeable land position for exploration in the Bakken formation.


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