North Dakota doubles 2011 production numbers


North Dakota doubles 2011 production numbers


WASHINGTON -- According to EIA data, North Dakota—home to the Bakken shale—has hit an all-time high, in crude output. The state’s production has been on the rise since the beginning of 2004 but began to accelerate even more rapidly, in the middle of 2011.

Since then, production has more than doubled: going from just under 350,000 bopd in January of 2011, hitting a high of 770,000 bopd, in December 2012. This boom in production was made possible by advances in hydraulic fracturing, a process required for 95% of wells drilled in the state.

Graphs show a slight fall at the beginning of 2013, but this is owed mostly to the fact that 75% of oil produced in North Dakota is transported by truck, before reaching rails, which carry it out of the state. Truck, unlike pipeline or rail, is especially vulnerable to inclement weather. The state is expanding its pipeline network to cope with these challenges.


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