Oseberg crude shut in after gas leak at field - Statoil


Oseberg crude shut in after gas leak at field - Statoil


LONDON -- A power outage at the North Sea Oseberg crude-oil field has led to a gas leak and the closure of the field, according to the operator Statoil.

"On Thursday afternoon, 14 March, there was a power outage on board the Oseberg field center in the North Sea. The power outage led to a gas leak, which has been stopped. The field center has subsequently experienced additional power supply problems," said a statement on Statoil's website.

The statement details two separate power failures and two gas leaks, the last at midnight Thursday.

Oseberg is one of the four main grades that make up the BFOE benchmark basket of crudes.

The April loading program for Oseberg was due to comprise six 600,000-bbl cargoes, with a total volume of 3.6 MMbbl. At present oil and gas production remains shut down, the Statoil statement said.

A London-based trader said that the shut-in was unlikely to affect the Brent price "unless its big, i.e. more than a few days." The trader said that the market is already in a low place, and that "demand is pretty poor out there."

There are nearly 700 people at the various field center sites, Statoil said. Some will be sent back to land to make room for workers tackling the outage.
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