South Sudan orders resumption of crude oil production


South Sudan orders resumption of crude oil production


LONDON -- The government of South Sudan has ordered the resumption of crude oil production, days after the country and its neighbor, Sudan, came to an agreement over their disputed border.

In an official document, South Sudan's Minister of petroleum and mining, Stephen Dhieu Dau, said, "Foreign oil companies and pipeline operators operating in the Republic of South Sudan are hereby ordered and recommence and re-establish the production of crude oil."

South Sudan ceded from Sudan in July 2011, taking with it most of the region's oil fields. This week's deal will unlock some 350,000 bopd that have been shut in since January 2012 amid a bitter spat with Sudan over oil transit fees and contested oil rich regions along the poorly marked 1,120 mile border.

A top official in South Sudan's national oil company told Dow Jones on Wednesday that oil exports were expected to reach the international market by May.

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