Leistritz multi-phase pump pays off in Bakken oil production


Leistritz multi-phase pump pays off in Bakken oil production

ALLENDALE, New Jersey -- A Leistritz Multiphase Pump was installed in the Bakken shale play by a Canadian operator.  The 300 HP unit services 17 wells from a satellite location, and has lowered the flowing field pressure from 280 psi to 125 psi.  The benefit is a substantial reduction of back pressure on the wells, resulting in additional oil production.  Before installation of the Leistritz system, using conventional production with sucker rod pumps, the wells would flow 1,500 to 2,000 bopd.  Following installation, the system has added 400 to 500 bopd, or a 25% increase in oil production.

After  several months in operation, it appears likely that the lower bottom-hole pressure created by the multiphase pump enables hydrocarbons, which are light and gassy, to flow easily through the pores and fissures of tight formations to reach the horizontal well bore.

According to Sven Olson, Leistritz President, “Our experience shows that production with multiphase pumps is even more effective in shale and tight oil conditions than in conventional formations.”  Olson continues, “The Bakken installation demonstrates how multiphase pumps can unlock the potential of oil production in tight formations, and will prove to be an important contributor as the need for shale oil increases.”

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