U.S. Coast Guard finds 16 violations on Noble Discoverer


U.S. Coast Guard finds 16 violations on Noble Discoverer

LONDON -- The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has turned its investigation of violations of a Shell ship drilling in the Arctic over to the Department of Justice (DOJ), according to the Sunday Telegraph.

The USCG identified 16 violations on board the Noble Discoverer, including fire hazards. The findings are raising questions about Shell's ability to safely extract oil in the region, the Sunday Telegraph said.

A spokesman for Shell said, "Shell and Noble take the results of this inspection seriously and have already satisfactorily resolved nearly all of the 16 points identified in the USCG report."

He added, "To further ensure the readiness of the Noble Discoverer to take part in Shell's ongoing exploration program offshore Alaska, the vessel will be transported to a shipyard in Asia for further inspections and repairs. The Noble Discoverer's return to Alaska will be dictated by the scope of work identified while in dry dock and the timeline associated with that work."

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