Compact radar selected for surveillance in Alaskan oil fields


Compact radar selected for surveillance in Alaskan oil fields

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- SpotterRF has announced the integration of its Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) by NMS Security in Alaskan oil fields. NMS Security selected SpotterRF radar to provide situational awareness to oilfield crews working in settings, where crews and equipment are vulnerable.

The SpotterRF radar allows workers to proactively respond to approaching threats, human or animal, detecting them before they reach the fence line. The integration of NMS camera and monitoring technology with compact radar better protects humans, animals and equipment.

The integration of SpotterRF ground surveillance radar greatly extends the coverage area. The set-up protects facilities from sabotage of equipment and materials theft; controls site access; determines the extent of threatening situations; summons security personnel, as needed; and exerts force to prevent or delay malicious acts.

Spotter radar units come in four sizes, weigh as little as 1.5 lb, use less energy than a light bulb, and can communicate with Google Earth, Milestone, Vidsys and other PSIM software.

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