Katalyst expands service offering to the UK, Europe


Katalyst expands service offering to the UK, Europe

HOUSTON -- Katalyst, a subsurface data management firm, has acquired the UK tape transcription business from storage and information management company Iron Mountain.

This acquisition, effective November 30th, brings Katalyst’s enhanced end-to-end services to oil and gas customers in the UK and Europe. Iron Mountain will retain all of their core services, including their secure storage and tape management services.

Customers will now benefit from leading technology solutions for subsurface data management, including Katalyst’s iGlass and SeismicZone solutions. Under the agreement, Iron Mountain will retain 25 percent ownership in Katalyst Data Management. 

Katalyst’s acquisition comes closely on the heels of another successful initiative. SeismicZone, launched this past August, is the industry’s first e-commerce site for securely viewing and licensing seismic data from multiple sources.

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