Stork Technical Services invests in subsea fleet


Stork Technical Services invests in subsea fleet

UTRECHT, The Netherlands -- Stork Technical Services, a provider of knowledge-based asset integrity management services for the oil and gas, chemical and power sectors, has announced a further $3.2 million (£2 million) investment in its new daughter craft, The Edradour.

The Edradour will be delivered to the Subsea division later this month and will provide additional operational support to meet the expanding needs of Stork's diving operations as well as complementing its existing fleet; daughter craft, the Aberlour, a mother vessel, the SIEM Stork, and three dive intervention craft.

The Edradour has the same design specification as the Aberlour which will allow both crafts to be interchangeable with the existing twin davit system.

“We are very pleased to welcome The Edradour to our fleet. The shared design specification allows compatibility with our existing launch and recovery system and will bring familiarization to all our crews resulting in a greater safety recovery and efficiency in our diving operations,” said Roddy James, senior V.P., Stork Technical Subsea.

In addition, The Edradour has additional lifting capability for four-point lifting, providing vessel crane launch and recovery capabilities and increased generator capacity—resulting in greater ROV and electrical equipment capacity.

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