1st NRG Corp. enters Utica shale


1st NRG Corp. enters Utica shale

DENVER, Colorado -- 1st NRG has signed an agreement with a private-energy company to participate in the development of prospective acreage in southeast Ohio particularly seeking Utica Shale potential.

The Company will be carried in the initial vertical test well and participate in future development with a 20% working interest. 1st NRG Corp. will not be the operator.

As information becomes available the size and extent of the Utica shale resource will become more evident. The Ordovician-aged Utica shale is distributed across several U.S. states as well as Quebec, Canada, and is found approximately 2,000+ ft below the Marcellus shale. The Utica shale is generally shallower to the west and deepens to the east. In addition to the Utica shale, other formations such as the Devonian shale, Marcellus shale, Clinton sandstone, Medina Sandstone, Trenton Limestone, Black River, Beekmantown dolomite and Rose Run all are potential targets below the Second Berea.

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