Aker Solutions develops casing stabilizer arm for tubular handling


Aker Solutions develops casing stabilizer arm for tubular handling

HOUSTON – Aker Solutions has developed the Casing Stabilizer Arm (CSA) which eliminates the need for a person to be elevated on a derrick for tubular makeup.

The CSA is designed for both offshore and onshore rigs. The stabilizing mechanism is stowed approximately 33 ft. above the drilling floor and includes an internal hydraulic cylinder that extends and closes the padded jaws operated by a radio remote control. The CSA uses only three hydraulic cylinders to position and mobilize the pipe jaws including a lifting, extension and clamping cylinder.

Aker’s unit also provides increased safety features that allow the device to interface with the rig’s anti-collision zone management system. The unit is rated for Class I, Division 1 locations and has double protection for dropped objects. A warning and alarm system is built into the CSA along with an emergency shut-off control. Additionally, a shear pin is installed on the unit as a safe guard for unexpected downward clash by hoisting equipment.

The CSA is equipped in tubular capacities of 2-7/8-in. to 22-in. diameter without changing jaws. Additionally, it offers wireless remote control and local manual control.

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