Baker Hughes, DuPont Chemical Solutions collaborate on water treatment


Baker Hughes, DuPont Chemical Solutions collaborate on water treatment

HOUSTON -- Baker Hughes and DuPont Chemical Solutions have formed a strategic arrangement aimed at bringing a more sustainable water treatment technology to the oil and gas industry. The two companies have been collaborating since early 2013.  

Baker Hughes will use the chemical compounds and generators from DuPont, as well as their expertise in the application of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), in conjunction with Baker Hughes’ H2prO water management service to augment its Pressure Pumping operations. The cooperation between the two companies will lead to industry-leading best practices for water treatment and knowledge sharing between Baker Hughes and DuPont.

ClO2 is used to treat water in the pressure pumping process.  While this compound is in its infancy in the oil and gas industry, it has been used for more than 60 years in municipal drinking water, food processing and industrial cooling applications. Process water in oil and gas operations is treated to prevent the growth of bacteria, and other organisms, to maximize the performance efficiency of wells, and minimize issues such as souring, fouling and corrosion. It allows for precise dosage, requiring the use of much smaller quantities of biocide, as compared to other treatment options, and is EPA drinking water approved, providing greater environmental sustainability. Using this DuPont chemical compound, the water used in pressure pumping can be treated on-site and reused.

In addition to providing ClO2 to treat water, DuPont also provides custom-engineered generators that can be designed to achieve optimal treatment results, and can be fitted to Baker Hughes’ treatment trailers.


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