Victrex polymer exceeds NORSOK M-710 qualification


Victrex polymer exceeds NORSOK M-710 qualification

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. -- In response to standardization requirements of the oil and gas industry, Victrex Polymer Solutions contracted MERL to perform an investigation to evaluate the compliance of VICTREX PEEK to the NORSOK M-710 Standard for sour (H2S) aging at 1,450 psi, and test temperatures of 347°F, 383°F and 410°F for up to five weeks. Results showed no measurable chemical deterioration for the VICTREX PEEK 450G in this time period of testing.

This lack of any change prohibited any extrapolation or interpolation of results for predictive modeling. Recognizing the data generated may not go far enough to offer the level of confidence in performance that is required, Victrex said it has undertaken further testing to understand and model how VICTREX PEEK polymers will perform in even the most demanding oil and gas environments.

To date, VICTREX PEEK polymer has been tested in three-phase sour environments, where the gas phase is 100% H2S, corresponding to more than 1% at  30,000 psi, and at temperatures of 428°F. This testing is the beginning of a series of additional fluid analysis testing that will take place in the coming months.

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