New subsea piling system improves safety, efficiency


New subsea piling system improves safety, efficiency

GREAT YARMOUTH, UK -- Conductor Installation Services Ltd (CIS), an Acteon company that provides pile- and conductor-driving services to the oil and gas industry, has announced the launch of a new service line: subsea piling services. 

The announcement coincides with the introduction of the new CIS Subsea Piling System, a remotely-operated system that the company developed to drive piles as large as 36-inches in diameter, in water depths to 300 m. 

The Subsea Piling System is comprised of several primary components.  These include:  1) a hydraulic hammer dressed for working subsea, 2) a control unit equipped with instrumentation and technology used to carry out and monitor the piling process, 3) a power unit, 4) hydraulic hose and cable winches that carry up to 300 m of hoses or cable, and 5) an upending frame.  

Initially, the company plans to establish a foothold in the offshore subsea European market.  Looking ahead, CIS Group anticipates that it will use the Subsea Piling System to carry out a subsea pile-driving operation in the North Sea for a major operator. 

“What sets the new Subsea Piling System apart is that it features self-tensioning hydraulic winches that lower and raise the hydraulic hoses and electrical cables that connect to the hammer,” said Andy Penman, group managing director of the CIS Group. 

“While other systems rely upon technicians to carry out this critical action by manually operating the winches, the constant-tensioning capability of the new subsea piling system’s winches means that they automatically heave and lower according to sea conditions.”

CIS, a member of Acteon’s Conductors, Risers and Flowlines group, provides conductor and pile installation services associated with construction projects carried out in the global oil and gas industry.  These services are carried out both onshore and offshore to, for example, create foundations for new wells, platforms, bridges and jetties. 

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