Paradigm introduces new open source, integrated geoscientific platform


Paradigm introduces new open source, integrated geoscientific platform

HOUSTON -- Paradigm has unveiled Epic, an open and integrated platform to be included in the upcoming Paradigm 2014 software release. In addition to Epic, the release presents workflows for full-azimuth imaging, tomography, formation evaluation, facies analysis, and modeling.

Paradigm Epic will be released in stages, beginning with the infrastructure that will unify Paradigm’s suite of applications into a single integrated console. Paradigm applications are already integrated at the database level through the Epos infrastructure. The integrated Epic application will sit on top of the existing Epos database layer. 

Epic will add a common user interface to Paradigm applications, reducing the learning curve between applications, and making information shareable and enabling workflows across multiple disciplines in real-time.
The ability to create custom workflow templates for common geoscientific procedures will help bring advanced science to everyone, as generalist users will now be able to work with advanced workflows that previously required specialized expertise.

The new platform ensures interconnectivity among third-party applications. Developers will be able to integrate their applications into Epic royalty-free, using either an application-level plug-in or through the underlying Epos database. In addition, Epic will have connectors that allow Paradigm information to flow into major third party G&G solutions. Developers connecting into the platform will be free to build similar plug-ins for any other vendor.

By conforming to modern, platform-neutral standards, Paradigm Epic will allow customers to use applications of their choosing, while maintaining a single data management infrastructure. This will simplify long-term data storage, project management, authoritative version management, data governance and knowledge management.

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