New training course for hydraulic fracturing


New training course for hydraulic fracturing

KINGSVILLE, Texas -- Texas A&M - Kingsville University (TAMUK) and Frac Water Engineering & Associates (FWE), a subsidiary of Refinery Water Engineering & Associates, Inc. (RWE), are introducing a new training course on Total Water Management in Hydraulic Fracturing operations.

Experts from Halliburton and Baker Hughes, who are partnering with TAMUK and FWE for this inaugural event, will be supplementing the instructor team.

The course, which will be held between November 5-7, is focused on an integrated approach to water treatment operational strategies for supply water, flowback water, wastewater, and sludge treatment system designs, process controls, and economics. An underlying theme of water reclamation will dominate the entire course.

The course is based on the same standards of expertise and integrity as the highly acclaimed RWE Refinery & Petrochemical Wastewater Training Course.

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