NEWS FROM SPE INTELLIGENT ENERGY: Industry backs digital generation to enhance production, safety management


NEWS FROM SPE INTELLIGENT ENERGY: Industry backs digital generation to enhance production, safety management

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Oil and gas industry professionals believe that the digital generation will enable emerging technologies to optimize production and enhance safety management, according to a poll conducted at the SPE Intelligent Energy International 2013 exhibition in Dubai. 93% of participants backed the benefits of digitalization while 7% disagreed.

The poll was conducted by BP on the final day of IE2013, which is expected to have attracted more than 2,000 business leaders and senior engineering professionals from across the world.

At the event, under the theme empowered by real time integrated data, BP has been drawing on its experiences from its Field of the Future programme to review the progress of oilfield digitalisation to date and encourage debate on how the industry will develop going forward.

It is now more than 10 years since the Field of the Future concept was established by BP to improve decision-making through real-time data-to-decision capabilities in production, operations and reservoir management. Over that time, the Field of the Future flagship has developed expertise in a range of disciplines including advanced remote surveillance, the handling and analysis of real-time data, remote well operations and downhole and subsea sensors.

Steve Roberts, V.P. of the Field of the Future technology flagship, BP, said: “As a company, we have been pioneers in the digitalisation of the oil and gas industry. We use real-time information to create a step change in safety management and capital efficiency, while operating assets at the technical limit of efficiency, recovery and cost. Field of the Future solutions impact a significant and growing proportion of net production, and routinely supports more than 80% of our top 100 wells. We have proven examples of the benefits that the digital generation has brought to the oil and gas industry and it is encouraging to know that the industry shares our belief in this sector.”

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