SBM Offshore selects BMT for Stones IMMS


SBM Offshore selects BMT for Stones IMMS

ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- BMT Scientific Marine Services Inc (BMT) has been awarded a contract from SBM Offshore to provide an Integrated Marine Monitoring System (IMMS) for the Stones FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico.

The IMMS monitors, logs, and displays data in real-time to provide operational support functionality and archives data for assessing the facility’s integrity over time.

The Stones IMMS is comprised of a set of subsystems including environmental and facility monitoring, mooring line monitoring, and subsea acoustic monitoring of the disconnectable turret buoy. The IMMS interfaces with other platform control systems and uses BMT’s proprietary data acquisition system along with custom HMI user display screens.

BMT brings significant experience to this project, having previously provided a similar system to the Cascade Chinook field development, the first deepwater FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico.

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