CNOOC announces new mid-sized discovery in Bohai


CNOOC announces new mid-sized discovery in Bohai

HONG KONG -- CNOOC Limited has announced that it recently made a mid-sized new exploration discovery, Luda 5-2 North, and successfully appraised the mid-sized oil and gas structure Kenli 9-5/9-6.

Luda 5-2 North is located in the Liaodong Bay of Bohai, with average water depth of 31 m. The discovery wells of Luda 5-2N-2 and LD 5-2N-4 were both drilled and completed at a depth of around 1,140 m and encountered the oil pay zones with total thickness of about 120 m and 85 m, respectively. The oil production of Luda 5-2N-2 well was tested at around 1,040 barrels per day.

Kenli 9-5/9-6 is located in the Laixi structure in the southern part of Bohai, with an average water depth of about 9 m. CNOOC drilled Kenli 9-5-2D and Kenli 9-6-2 wells and completed at a depth of 2,200 m and 1,250 m, respectively. These two wells encountered oil pay zones with total thickness of about 70 m and 120 m, respectively. During the test period, the oil production of Kenli 9-6-2 well was around 200 barrels per day. The successful appraisal of Kenli 9-5/9-6 has further expanded the scale of the reserve in the area.

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