Lloyd’s Register unveils initiatives at GTC research lab and LRED Training Academy


Lloyd’s Register unveils initiatives at GTC research lab and LRED Training Academy

SINGAPORE -- Independent assurance company, Lloyd’s Register (LR) has unveiled market-focused technological innovations at the opening of its Global Technology Centre (GTC) research lab and LR Energy - Drilling (LRED) Training Academy in Singapore.

The investments LR is making in these R&D and industry training initiatives are all designed to better manage safety and reduce risks within the global energy industry. As traditional forms of energy are becoming harder to find, energy operators are increasingly seeking out previously untapped sources, in areas such as deeper waters and more hostile environments. The resultant new technologies present both opportunities, and new challenges, to the safety of industry personnel and the integrity of their equipment.

The GTC is developing advanced numerical modeling technology, to strengthen the future design of offshore structures against extreme environmental loading, which helps to avoid or minimize potential extreme environmental impacts. 

The GTC is also looking into performing full-scale computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of wave-in-deck events with accurate test predictions. In addition to providing detailed insights into the flow and resultant loadings, the CFD simulations will enable enhanced statistical analysis of metocean data under extreme weather conditions, and develop new structural reliability models to simulate dynamic response processes of offshore structures to extreme loading.

These innovations and improvements are made possible with thorough analyses of previous incidents that occurred in offshore rig wave-in-deck loading that can cause local and global damage, as well as life-threatening toppling of fixed structures.

Another research project that is close to commercialization is the use of RFID tagging for smart supply chain, inspection and compliance to improve uptime and efficiency that will reduce risk exposure. The RFID tagging project is scheduled to be introduced to market in 2014.

Industry experts estimate that between now and 2018, around 200 new rigs will be built worldwide—the majority of them high-specification. Designed to further enhance industry safety standards around the world, the LRED Training Academy aims to impart the latest technology, industry knowledge and hands-on practices, to meet the demand of an estimated 40,000 new participants who will enter the global drilling industry over the next few years.

Acquired LR companies ModuSpec and WEST previously each provided high-quality training to the drilling industry for over a decade. Both companies merged into LRED in January 2013.

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