Government of Senegal announced Elenilto as the operator of the offshore Sud Shallow oil block


Government of Senegal announces Elenilto as the operator of the offshore Sud Shallow oil block

DAKAR, Senegal -- The President of Senegal announced the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) which has been recently executed with the Government of Senegal and Petrosen, to develop the prospective Senegal offshore Sud shallow oil block. Elenilto will be the operator of the block and Petrosen shall have minority participation interest in the project.

The block is 7,920 sq km and is located in Southern Senegal Casamance offshore basin, covered by 2D seismic. Oil Resources volumetric assessment based on reprocessed 2D seismic coverage indicates potential of 500-800 MMbbl of oil in first priority leads. Other deeper possibilities are highly likely and will be explored by Elenilto. Elenilto has selected two areas of interest as first priority for immediate further exploration and shall begin the 3D seismic survey shortly.

Elenilto shall invest in exploration tens of millions dollars which shall include the 3D seismic coverage and drilling wells in the shallow water block.


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