ABB, Statoil employ innovative technologies at Arctic LNG facility


ABB, Statoil employ innovative technologies at Arctic LNG facility


As the industry is pushing the boundaries of Arctic exploration, power and automation solutions provider ABB, along with operator Statoil, is employing a unique set of technologies at the Snøhvit LNG facility on Melkoya Island, off Hammerfest, Norway.

Melkoya ABB

As the first offshore development in the Barents Sea and the northernmost LNG facility in Europe, the plant liquefies and exports gas, which is brought in from the Snøhvit field (via a 143-km pipeline). An entirely subsea installation, in waters 250-350 m, stands up to the harsh conditions of the Barents Sea and is designed with the sensitive ecological systems in mind.

Aside from the unique CO2 capture and re-inject system (which lowers carbon emissions), ABB has designed an electrification system that connects all of the seabed equipment with subsea lines. The automation system was engineered and fabricated in Bergen, Norway, at an ABB facility.

With an increase in global demand for energy, LNG could very well be a cheap, viable way to process and transport gas to both the eastern and western worlds. Nine wells are currently producing in Snøhvit field and several more wells are planned for adjacent fields.

In June, ABB opened its office in Hammerfest, Norway to support the Snøhvit LNG facility.


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