NOV ASEP Elmar completes first job with high-pressure wireline control


NOV ASEP Elmar completes first job with high-pressure wireline control

NOV ASEP Elmar, a global market leader in the design and manufacture of wireline intervention equipment, has announced the successful completion of the first field operation for its new 30,000-psi working pressure rated wireline pressure control equipment (WPCE).

The Aberdeen-headquartered company’s engineering department designed and built the equipment, the world’s first, within a year. It is in response to increasing challenges for oil and gas companies working with ultra-high pressures. 

It is the first time WPCE has been designed to such a high working pressure. Developing this innovative equipment involved the creation of a new design methodology and the use of very high-strength materials such as titanium and Inconel. The equipment was then pressure tested in NOV ASEP Elmar’s 60,000-psi rated pressure test bay in Westhill, Aberdeen.

The new equipment was first used by a U.S.-owned oil and gas exploration company on its ultra-deep well in the Gulf of Mexico. The equipment was nicknamed ‘NOLA’, after New Orleans, which is the hub of oilfield operations within the Gulf of Mexico.

NOLA was chosen for the well due to expected pressures in excess of the capability of current 20,000-psi WPCE. Developing this equipment ensures that NOV ASEP Elmar has the technical expertise to support clients as the search for oil and gas moves into more challenging environments.

ASEP Elmar has always adhered to the principle that fully certified products ensure quality, reliability and safety and in keeping with this the NOLA equipment has been third party witness tested and certified. A third party representative was present for most of the year long build cycle.

Carl Wood NOV ASEP Elmar Engineering Director said: ‘The NOLA project has been a challenge for our team in so many ways but has also been an opportunity to demonstrate what the most highly qualified and motivated design engineers can achieve when equipped with the latest modeling and design software. We worked closely with our client through the process and we were grateful for their input. The success of this first project is testament to NOV ASEP Elmar’s commitment to developing the innovative technology which is required by the oil and gas market.”

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