AAPG 2012: Discovery Thinking forum draws standing room attendance


AAPG 2012: Discovery Thinking forum draws standing room attendance

LONG BEACH, California – In many conferences, technical sessions are often the place to sit and take the load off your feet after walking around the exhibit hall. At the AAPG 2012, however, the “Discovery Thinking” forum drew standing room only attendance. Often, there was a long line of delegates who had to be turned away.

This year’s theme was new discoveries in old areas, and the program focused on insights derived from revitalizing mature areas with major results. The speakers were Robert Bridges, Vintage Production California; Tony Reid, Occidental of Elk Hills; James C. Henry, Henry Resources, Orion Skinner, Whiting Petroleum; and Edward J. LoCricchio, Cordillera Energy Partners.

Of special interest was James Henry’s presentation of how his company discovered the Wolfberry field in the Permian basin, which has reserves of 3 billion boe, the largest discovery in the Permian basin in the last 50 years. The Wolfberry combines the Wolfcamp and Spraberry formations.

The remarkable discovery is in the mature Permian basin, which has been producing oil for the last 100 years. The second noteworthy fact about the Wolfberry is that the 3 billion barrels represents only 3% of the hydrocarbon potential. At the end of his presentation, Henry asked the student geologists in the audience to stand up and challenged them, “It is up to you to recover the remaining oil and gas in the Wolfberry and other fields of the Permian basin.”

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