African Petroleum selects Paradigm Interpretation Suite on Windows


African Petroleum selects Paradigm Interpretation Suite on Windows

AMSTERDAM --  Paradigm announced today that African Petroleum has selected the Paradigm interpretation suite on Microsoft Windows as its corporate standard for seismic interpretation.  The company additionally announced that its interpretation applications have subsequently played a significant role in African Petroleum’s oil discovery offshore Liberia.
“African Petroleum has successfully used Paradigm’s advanced seismic interpretation tools for detailed stratigraphic interpretation of multiple fan systems in blocks 8 and 9 offshore Liberia, resulting in a significant oil discovery,” said Adrian Robinson, exploration director at African Petroleum Corporation Ltd. “SeisEarth and VoxelGeo allowed us to rapidly interrogate multiple, large 3D seismic and attribute volumes to predict reservoir and seal facies as well as potential areal net-to-gross variation.  Visualization of our data in a collaborative environment helped bring the team together to select the best well location.”

African Petroleum selected the Paradigm interpretation suite based on its ability to easily work at the regional project scale with large seismic volumes and large numbers of seismic attributes. Additionally, the suite was selected because of its novel seismic characterization approaches to generating direct hydrocarbon indicators and transforming seismic data to rock properties, and its ability to differentiate seismic facies within key depositional units.
“It’s fantastic to see the success that African Petroleum is having using our seismic interpretation tools,” said Mark Littman, Paradigm’s sales director for Northern Europe. “Now that these tools are available on Windows, Paradigm looks forward to providing more customers like African Petroleum with our distinct brand of easy-to-use, high-science technology that delivers the kind of accurate results demonstrated in this recent success.”

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