AAPG 2012 annual conference begins a “golden age of applied geosciences”


AAPG 2012 annual conference begins a “golden age of applied geosciences”

LONG BEACH, California – The annual conference of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) was launched Sunday evening with an opening session and awards presentation to welcome more than 4,700 delegates.

During a review of the international association, President Paul Weimer said, “The AAPG is embarking on a new golden age for applied geosciences due to the confluence of two emerging factors.  First, our science has evolved considerably in recent years in the exploration of unconventional resources to rethink many old concepts of petroleum systems, migration, porosity systems, and reservoirs. Secondly, we now have the capability to deliver our scientific information almost instantly around the globe.”

Weimer described a slight decline in active membership and suggested that the new face of the AAPG is young and international. Weimer described his travels throughout the world and said he was encouraged by the growth of new chapters in eastern Europe, Africa and Asia that is bringing in young and new student memberships. He suggested that the active membership process be made “less onerous” to encourage growth of the organization in future years.

At the opening session, the AAPG presented awards to numerous members for their outstanding achievements in service to the organization, encouraging education, and presenting outstanding technical papers. The coveted Sydney Powers medal was presented in absentia to the retired Shell geologist and petroleum engineer, Koenraad Weber. A pioneer in the application of outcrop studies to reservoir models, Weber created the first reservoir models for petroleum systems in Iran, North Sea and Nigeria. Unable to travel due to a physical disability, Weber thanked the AAPG for the award in videotaped remarks and stressed the importance of outcrop studies and the value of senior geologists in passing on their expert knowledge to young students.

The AAPG annual conference continues in Long Beach until Wednesday, April 25, with technical presentations and exhibits under the theme, “Directing the Future of E&P: Starring Creative Ideas and New Technology”.

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