Bering Exploration to utilize coiled tubing technology to re-enter abandoned well bores


Bering Exploration to utilize coiled tubing technology to re-enter abandoned well bores 

HOUSTON -- Bering Exploration plans to utilize lateral technology to re-enter well bores that were previously abandoned. Bering currently has 34 abandoned well bores on its existing leases and has initially targeted three for re-entry utilizing coiled tubing laterals (CTL).

The process will allow Bering to drill with coiled tubing up to four laterals a maximum of 300 ft each per interval in the target zone.  Bering is estimating the cost of drilling the laterals at approximately $50,000 per interval.

Bering Exploration, Inc. is an independent oil and natural gas company that focuses on identifying, evaluating, developing and acquiring potential natural gas and oil wells in the Gulf Coast onshore region.

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