Carnarvon Petroleum drills onshore volcanic target in Thailand


Carnarvon Petroleum drills onshore volcanic target in Thailand 

PERTH -- Carnarvon Petroleum provided with the following update on the spudding and drilling operations at the NSE-H4 well. Drilling operations commenced on December 13, 2012. On December 17, Carnarvon was preparing to run and cement the 9-5/8-in. casing before drilling ahead to planned total depth in 8½-in. hole size. The well will be directionally drilled to a total depth of 1,014 m.

The well is targeting the NSE main volcanic in an area where wells have produced up to 1,200 bopd and recovered around 700,000 bopd. It is expected that, if successful, the well will be placed on production within seven days following the completion of the well and production from this well is planned to be restricted to preserve flow rates and maximise recovery rates.

Dependent on the results of this well, one further infill well into the NSE reservoir based on revised seismic interpretation of fracture analysis is considered for the 2012 drill program.

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