Corpro’s core barrel technology debuts in the Gulf of Mexico


Corpro’s core barrel technology debuts in the Gulf of Mexico

HOUSTON -- Corpro, a member of Reservoir Group, is now deploying its innovative Thin Sleeve System Core Barrel technology into the Gulf of Mexico.

Initiating its presence only late spring, Corpro has already completed three ultra deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico and is proud of the quality and integrity of the core samples that were delivered. Nearly half of all onshore and offshore core cutting activities within the global energy industry are carried out under Corpro, however this is the first year the company’s technology has been used in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Our technology sets us apart from the competition, and we are confident that the successful completion of these jobs will lead to new contracts in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Trevor Whalen, Corpro’s U.S. Gulf of Mexico Operations Manager.

Corpro’s Thin Sleeve System (TSS) Core Barrel significantly improves the quality of coring samples and provides a platform to enhance wellsite processes and core analysis. Corpro’s Core Barrel is a 20-ft ultra-stable system delivering better core quality and smoother coring operations than the conventional 30-ft systems previously utilized in the Gulf of Mexico.

The system creates better core samples because of the presence of two independent inner tubes that protect the core during the cutting process and also allow the recovery to take place without transmitting any stress to the core, therefore without inducing any damage. Another benefit is that the TSS inner barrel is made of steel with aluminum liners for a much stronger and stiffer coring system compared to alternative competitive coring technologies.

The TSS barrel is highly regarded for its rating and previous uses in high pressure, high temperature H2S wellsites worldwide. While other barrels begin to degrade and stretch at high temperatures, the TSS has been engineered to avoid these problems completely.

TSS is also the platform required to utilize Half-Moon On-Ice liners.  Now, rig site geologists working on the Gulf of Mexico, can lift the top half of the aluminum and describe the core at the wellsite. Typically, the core must be cut into three-foot sections, packaged and shipped to shore before anyone can get a view of the core. Half-Moon liners are a new concept brought to the Gulf of Mexico to insure immediate access to the core and accelerate formation evaluation decisions.

“We are very excited about introducing our proven technologies to the Gulf of Mexico,” Whalen said. “We are very pleased with the work on these projects. When the geologists saw the core, they were stunned by its quality.”

Reservoir Group created the world’s largest coring provider through the consolidation of all its coring activities under one brand, Corpro. Across five continents, Corpro's expertise spans the spectrum of core-related activities, from identification of the core as a proper means for formation evaluation through a range of advanced and conventional services.

Corpro is the original member company of Reservoir Group. Since the group was created five years ago, several North America coring businesses have come onboard and now trade under the unified Corpro brand. These include Canada-based Quest, a raising force in North America that introduced break through wire line technologies such as Quick Core and the recently developed pressure coring system, Quick Capture.

Other coring companies now under the Corpro brand include Texas-based Dowdco, a well-known force in North America for the past 30 years, and Coring Services Inc.

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