Perupetro announces bidding round for Block 192


Perupetro announces bidding round for Block 192

LIMA -- Perupetro has announced the opening of a bidding round to award the license contract for hydrocarbon exploitation for Block 192. The existing license contract for Block 192 will expire in 2015.

Earlier, Perupetro approved the delimitation of the 36 blocks with hydrocarbon potential that are located in the Marañon, Ucayali, Madre de Dios basins and in the basement (Trujillo, Lima, Pisco and Mollendo). Peru's Block 1-AB produces 17,500 bopd, which represent the 11.74 per cent of the total production of the country, and proven reserves of 72.5 MMbbl.

After the awarding of the bid for this block, Perupetro will launch the first process of prior consultation to be held in Peru, with the indigenous communities of the Pastaza, Corrientes and Tigre river basins, in the Loreto region.

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