Hallin Marine's Windermere active in Maleo gas field


Hallin Marine's Windermere active in Maleo gas field

Hallin Marine, announces that its SOV Windermere subsea operations vessel is providing offshore support services in the Maleo gas field off Madura, East Java. Operating on behalf of a major Indonesian oil company, the Windermere is engaged in a wide range of testing and platform support operations. These include repair and maintenance of subsea gussets, underwater welding of gusset plates and grouting work on mobile offshore production unit  legs. A central element of the project is the Windermere's integral 15 man saturating diving facility.

"Gas from the Maleo field is being produced from a MOPU supported by a six wellhead platform," explains John Giddens, Hallin Marine's chief executive officer. This is connected to a 7.4 km spur line to the East Java Gas Pipeline for distribution to the Surabaya and Gresik gas grid. The region is notorious for strong wind and choppy seas. These create a challenging environment in which to perform saturation dive work.

"Hallin was selected for the contract because we are able to provide the precise solution the client is looking for. Windermere enjoys a high reputation in Indonesia, having carried out many projects in the region with great success. This latest project is expected to complete in mid November.

SOV Windermere is equipped for wellhead servicing, inspection and construction diving as well as remote operated submersible vehicle support. Capable of accommodating 120 personnel, the 80 x 77 metre vessel incorporates a helicopter landing deck, high capacity crane, a 15 man saturation diving system and three man moonpool launched diving bell.

The Maleo gas field was discovered in June 2002 and is estimated to have proven and probable reserves of around 240Bcf. Production commenced in 2006 using a multiple wellhead platform connected via a 7.4km spur to the East Java Gas Pipeline for distribution to the Gresik and Surabaya grid.

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