Ferus successfully fuels well stimulation project using LNG


Ferus successfully fuels well stimulation project using LNG

DENVER -- Ferus, is pleased to announce the successful completion of what is believed to be the first ever hydraulic fracturing operation utilizing LNG as engine fuel in North America.

Ferus  LNG Division was engaged by a major oil and gas service company in the United States to conduct the pilot project in October 2012, which involved six dual fuel 2,250 hp pumper units, powered by LNG, to stimulate well performance in the south Texas Eagle Ford shale.

"LNG offers significant environmental and cost-saving advantages and is quickly becoming the alternative fuel of choice for heavy duty high horsepower onroad and offroad applications in North America," said Dick Brown, President  of Ferus. "We were very pleased to play such a critical role in this ground breaking project, and we intend to be at the forefront of this growing industry as more and more diesel consumers make the switch to North America's abundant supply of natural gas."

To complete this project, which marks a significant milestone in the adoption of natural gas as an alternative engine fuel, Ferus managed the entire supply chain on behalf of its client including LNG supply, transportation, and onsite storage and vaporization using specialized equipment and highly trained personnel. In addition to being a cleaner burning and less expensive fuel alternative, LNG is non toxic, non combustible, non flammable as a liquid, and dissipates into the atmosphere in the event of a leak or a spill, making it safer than diesel and gasoline.

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