South Pars Phase 12 first platform installed in Persian Gulf waters


South Pars Phase 12 first platform installed in Persian Gulf waters

TEHRAN -- Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) managing director Mousa Souri says the first platform of the largest South Pars phase is already installed and he congratulated oil minister for the successful completion of these operations by the Iranian experts.

"This 4,410 sq m platform weighs 3,300 tons," Souri was quoted as saying. “The platform has two tripod jackets along with piles weighing 1,700 tons, two 369-ton connecting bridges, a middle deck weighing 106 tons and a flare and related platform with a total weight of 185 tons,” he said. “It is the second platform installed within the past month. We are trying to ensure that the offshore facilities of other projects are also constructed and installed within the targets of the set time schedule,” he said mentioning the compressed plan for development of the offshore section of South Pars under construction phases, highlighting the importance and priority of facilitating the offshore section of the phases.

“The installation of three main platforms and a satellite platform has been projected in South Pars Phase 12 development project, and the first main platform is already constructed and installed,” Souri added.

The second and third platforms of phase 12 of South Pars Gas field development project are also under construction in Khorramshahr Yard, and they will be ready for shipment and installation shortly after the installation of the first platform according to the set plan, the report says.

South Pars Phase 12 Development Project is planned to produce 75 MMcmd of enriched gas for delivery to the national grid. Production of 120,000 bpd condensates and 750 tons of sulfur per day have also been projected in this phase.

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