ROC Oil Company updates activity at offshore Sarawak's Bentara field


ROC Oil Company updates activity at offshore Sarawak's Bentara field

SYDNEY -- ROC Oil Company advises that BC Petroleum to operate and manage the Balai Cluster  RSC, has completed the initial testing of the first well, Bentara 2, and has now concluded rig operations on the well.

The Bentara 2 well is located in the Bentara field, offshore Sarawak. After finalising the logging program, the well was completed and perforated over a six metre interval between 2,665 metres to 2,671 metres MDBRT1 and accesses an estimated reservoir net pay section of 9.4 metres. The zone was tested for a 23 hour period to prove up the reservoir production potential. The test successfully achieved a stable oil rate in the range of 1,685 to 2,275 stbpd with a choke size of 40/64 inch and a measured oil gravity of 30 degrees API3.

The Bentara 2 well has now been shut in and will await the arrival of the EPV to conduct extended production testing of the remaining reservoirs. Upto 14 reservoir sections have been identified in this well from the logging data, with a total estimated hydrocarbon pay potential in excess of 100 metres.

Rig operations on the Bentara 2 well have now concluded, and the drilling rig is now preparing to move to the Balai field which is located approximately 25 km east of Bentara for the drilling of the Balai 2 well.

The Balai Cluster RSC consists of four fields Bentara, Balai, Spaoh and West Acis fields. The drilling of the appraisal wells are part of the pre development phase which commenced in early 2012 and upon successful completion of the pre development phase and agreement on the economic viability of the fields, BCP will submit a field development plan and progress to development of the fields.BCP shareholders are ROC 48%, Dialog Group 32% and PETRONAS Carigali 20%.

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