Drillsearch Energy announces Bauer North 1 appraisal well spuds


Drillsearch Energy announces Bauer North 1 appraisal well spuds

Drillsearch Energy is pleased to announce the spudding of Bauer North 1.Bauer North1 will be drilled as a vertical well to appraise a separate Namur culmination north of the successful Bauer Oil Field.
The well is located 2.2km north northwest from the Bauer 8 development well and 1.4km south southwest of the Arno 1 oil discovery well. Bauer North 1 is a significant step out from the successful Bauer 8 development well which was the most northerly well drilled in the Bauer Oil Field. Bauer 8 has been cased and suspended as a future oil producer and is awaiting completion and tie into the Bauer Central Production Facility.\

The Bauer North 1 well is sited in a location that incorporates both an independent Namur Sandstone structural closure as well as a potential larger northern extension of the Bauer Oil Field. PEL 91 permit is held by a Joint Venture of Drillsearch 60% and Beach Energy 40% and Operator.

The primary objectives of Bauer North 1 are the McKinlay Member and the Namur Sandstone with the secondary objective being to assess the Birkhead Formation in light of oil discoveries in close proximity at Bauer 5 and Basham 1. The well has been defined using the Modiolus 3D seismic, acquired and processed in 2008 and then reprocessed with the Aquillus 3D in 2012.

Following the drilling of Bauer North 1 the Ensign 930 rig will move to the Bauer Oil Field to drill the next appraisal well, Bauer 9.

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