FairfieldNodal begins "super crew" ocean-bottom nodal survey


FairfieldNodal begins "super crew" ocean-bottom nodal survey


SUGAR LAND, Texas -- FairfieldNodal’s data acquisition division has signed a contract with a major oil and gas company to conduct a large-scale, rich-azimuth, ocean-bottom survey in the Gulf of Mexico. Operations have already begun on this program, which encompasses approximately 2,000 sq km.

The 3D/4C survey will take advantage of FairfieldNodal’s unique Z700 nodes, which can be deployed safely and efficiently, even in heavily congested or obstructed waters. The crew will begin the survey using New Venture as its source vessel and C-Pacer for node handling. Eventually, FairfieldNodal’s newest vessel, European Supporter, will join them, nearly doubling the number of nodes available. European Supporter has been specially designed and outfitted as a hybrid vessel, giving it the flexibility to function as both a source vessel and its own node handler.

The “super crew” will deploy more than 4200 Z700 nodes on a single patch, utilizing two source vessels. Survey acquisition is expected to take approximately 12 months to complete, with plans to illuminate both shallow and deep targets.

“This project represents the continuing advances we are making with ocean-bottom nodal technology,” said Jim Thompson, FairfieldNodal VP Data Acquisition, “and it is paving the way for more efficient and cost-effective OBN in the future.”

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