TAM International wins PEMEX contract


TAM International wins PEMEX contract

HOUSTON  -- TAM International, Inc., an independent oilfield services company providing inflatable and swellable packers, has secured a $6.25 million contract with Mexican state-owned petroleum company Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) to provide services and products in the Poza Rica-Altamira oilfields.
TAM will supply various sizes of Casing Annulus Packers (CAP), FREECAP® Swellable Packers, Treating/Testing Packers and Bridge Plugs, Port Collars, Cement Retainers, and SlikPak™ Systems. The contract will run through December 2014.
 “This is a huge milestone for TAM Latin America, as it relates to a multi-phase growth strategy for the region that began in 2008,” said Francisco Suarez, Director of TAM Latin America. “This contract will help position TAM strategically for the long run in Mexico.”
During TAM’s first year in Mexico, representatives visited every PEMEX region to introduce the company and technology to those who knew little about TAM’s products and services.

TAM de Mexico is expecting to hire five new employees in the upcoming months to assist with the new contract.

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