Fugro Robertson appoints Chi as RoqSCAN operations manager


Fugro Robertson appoints Chi as RoqSCAN operations manager

HOUSTON -- Chi Vinh Ly has been named as RoqSCAN Operations Manager of Fugro Robertson Inc., Fugro Robertson Group of Companies Managing Director Mark Weber announced.

Based in Houston, Chi’s responsibilities include the management of field- and laboratory-based projects for RoqSCAN, a fully portable, automated, quantitative rock properties and mineralogical analyzer. Additionally, he will manage the ongoing development of the RoqSCAN’s capabilities with Carl Zeiss, the manufacturer of the base RoqSCAN system.

He joins Fugro Robertson from ALS Ammtec where he served as Manager of Mineralogy. In this position, he developed mineralogical technology similar to the RoqSCAN and solidified his division as a leading global provider of mineralogical services and the leading provider of such services in Australia.

His experience also includes operating as a Research Support Scientist with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Minerals. While with CSIRO, he developed a newly acquired mineralogical instrument similar to the RoqSCAN and developed the technical capabilities into new and emerging commodities.

 “Chi has garnered a strong range of skills in communication, management, marketing and business development of technologies from his previous positions,” said Weber. “We look to leverage these skills to solidify Fugro Robertson and RoqSCAN as industry leaders.”

Chi graduated with honors from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics. He also holds a Master and a Doctorate of Science in Earth and Planetary Science from Hiroshima University. He is a published author in multiple peer-reviewed journals and has also presented and published his work at global conferences. 

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