KBC Advanced Technology introduces Petro-SIM Production process to improve gas processing throughput


KBC Advanced Technology introduces Petro-SIM Production process to improve gas processing throughput

HOUSTON – KBC Advanced Technologies (KBC) has introduced Petro-SIM Production™, a process facility simulator that is able to improve throughput in gas processing facilities in the order of 10-20% and decrease energy and fuel costs by a similar value.

According to KBC, large returns on value can be gained by operators, engineering companies and consultancies by modeling entire gas processing facilities, including integrated production and energy balances, power generation and all the separation processes.

This new technology was developed in house by KBC and combined with the recent purchase of Infochem Computer Services. This new product is expected to provide a step change in optimizing oil and gas assets.

With the acquisition of Infochem, KBC now offers a process simulator that can handle high resolution PVT for reservoir fluids and production fluids into the process facilities, with capability for reservoir saturation pressure calculations, CO2 partitioning, gas hydrates, chemical injection, mercury partitioning, naphthenates, wax and asphaltene appearance and deposition.

KBC has implemented single- and twin-shaft rigorous gas turbine models within the process simulator, thus enabling facilities to optimise their production / energy balances and the performance of rotating machinery increasing availability, reliability and return on investment.

Material balance utilities allow easy, one click determination of the distribution of elements (e.g. nitrogen), molecules (e.g. methane) or streams (e.g. sales, fuel gas) across the processing facilities, with automatic shrinkage and allocation calculations. This user-centric design eliminates unnecessary spreadsheets and time consuming repeat work allowing simple tracking and optimisation of hydrocarbon through the pipelines and facilities for contract maximization.

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