American Petro-Hunter drills ahead in third horizontal oil well


American Petro-Hunter drills ahead in third horizontal oil well

American Petro-Hunter announced that the 3rd Horizontal well to be drilled at the North Oklahoma Project Mississippi Lime Play is currently at a depth of about 4,200 feet and drilling ahead. The vertical section and curve into the Mississippi Lime formation has been finished with the horizontal lateral underway. The project operator reports that all phases are proceeding as planned and are on schedule.

The well has been designated NOM-3H and is in the same section of land as the two previously completed producers; the NOM-1H and NOW-2H. The lateral portion of the horizontal length within the 100 foot thick Mississippi pay zone has been engineered for 1,900 feet. Following drilling of the horizontal portion of the well, the NOM-3H will be completed and tied in to the existing gas line and production facilities. It is anticipated that drilling should be finished in approximately 10 days.

The NOM-3H is the inaugural well officially commencing the 2012 drilling program for American Petro-Hunter. The Company's plans include participation in the drilling of 4 to 5 additional horizontal wells in the North Oklahoma Mississippi Lime play as well as to begin activities at the South Oklahoma Play within approximately 60 days from the completion of the NOM-3H.

From a technical perspective, the NOM-3H well will be the first well in the program to undertake a completion procedure using a submersible pump immediately after the well is fracked. A similar completion technique on a neighboring well resulted in immediate outstanding production of both oil and gas. That particular well was drilled and completed using the same technology and procedures currently undertaken in the development of the liquid rich North Oklahoma Mississippi acreage owned by American Petro-Hunter.

Company president Robert McIntosh states, "Having the NOM-3H well reach the Mississippi reservoir on schedule has been an accomplished start to the 2012 program. We have plans for at least 8 more wells in Oklahoma in order to continue to build our production base in the area. Our engineering team continues to gain positive information as to the best way to complete these wells in the most cost effective manner while providing the maximum results. The introduction of submersible pump procedures into the well completion process is expected to greatly increase our daily rates as proven in nearby analog wells. If we achieve similar results, our BPD could potentially increase 10 fold. "

The company currently owns an interest in approximately 6,000 acres in one of the hottest horizontal oil plays in the continental United States. Approximately 20 horizontal wells have now been drilled in the immediate area of American Petro-Hunter's leases producing from both the Woodford Shale and the Mississippi Limestone. Both of these formations are oil producers with very high BTU wet natural gas.

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