Aker Solutions builds technology experience centre in Oslo


Aker Solutions builds technology experience centre in Oslo

In April 2012 Aker Solutions opens the doors to the company's new 2 000 square metre technology experience centre in Oslo, Norway. The centre aims to demonstrate the art of engineering at its best, and show how science subjects contribute towards development of technology and what this means to society as a whole.

The technology experience centre, with the current working title of Engineering Expo, is part of a new large scale construction project at Fornebu outside Oslo. At the K2 lot, close to Aker Solutions' headquarters, new offices for Aker Solutions is currently being built, with Engineering Expo and a new hotel and conference centre by Nordic Choice Hotels - called Quality Hotel Expo - part of the same complex.

A unique collaboration is planned between the hotel and Engineering Expo. The partnership is the first of its kind in Norway, where a technology experience centre and a hotel plus conference centre are cooperating closely. This offers many exciting opportunities.

"When we started planning the new building complex, we identified an opportunity to tell a story about engineering and technology development to a broad audience," says EVP Communications in Aker Solutions, Geir Arne Drangeid, who adds that the centre will accommodate all age groups. 

Engineering Expo intends to become a meeting space between the petroleum industry, educational institutions and the general public. The centre is being developed in close cooperation with local secondary schools, industry organisations and technology companies.  Engineering Expo will focus on the themes technology and innovation, energy and the environment, and the oil and gas industry's social development role.

"The increase in prosperity we have experienced in Norway and other countries would not have been possible without the technology development the oil industry has been responsible for. At Engineering Expo we aim to tell the story about the Norwegian and international oil and gas adventure. At the same time, customers and employees of Aker Solutions will be able to utilise innovative working methods to solve tomorrow's challenges," says Drangeid. 

By showing how engineers utilise textbook theory during their working-day, and demonstrating the breadth of an engineer's duties and responsibilities, the objective is to motivate more school children to choose science subjects at school, and later gain an engineering degree.

"The oil industry's engineers are amongst the most capable in the world. They solve huge tasks, develop solutions and technologies, and execute projects for customers all over the world. That is what we intend to show through our own educational set-up, where school children gain an insight into the many opportunities that arise if they choose science subjects," concludes Drangeid.

Facts about Engineering Expo
• 2020 square metre large exhibition area, including a wide range of interactive installations, historical models, 3D visualisation centre, and an amphitheatre with opportunities for film recording and display.
• Is being built by Aker Solutions at Fornebu, Norway, and opens in April 2012.
• Will be open to the general public, including Quality Hotel Expo's hotel and conference guests


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