ANGA responds to Texas Public Policy Foundation report on natural gas economy


ANGA responds to Texas Public Policy Foundation report on natural gas economy

America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) Vice President of Strategic Communications Daniel Whitten issued the following statement in response to a report released today by the Texas Public Policy Foundation that includes substantial misrepresentations about Texas natural gas.

“The report notes Texas’ role as an energy leader and advocates for continued sensible regulations and tax policies that do not hamper economic growth, ideas ANGA fully supports. Furthermore, ANGA agrees that all sources will be needed to meet our nation’s growing energy demands.

“But the study overlooks the role that natural gas plays as a centerpiece of the Texas economy, and the benefits abundant, affordable natural gas produced in Texas offer in terms of jobs, state revenue and clean energy. The study also highlights old natural gas pricing data that does not adequately account for the game-changing nature of shale gas discoveries. These discoveries have turned economic assumptions about power production from natural gas on their head to the great benefit of energy consumers.

“It is now the established scientific consensus that our nation has more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil—enough to power our country for generations. The Congressional Research Service, the Energy Information Administration, Cambridge Energy Research Associates, and MIT have all noted the profoundly positive impact that new natural gas supplies have had on America’s energy debate. Natural gas is ready now to play a greater role in improving our energy security, our economy and our environment, both in Texas and across the United States.”


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