Microseismic reservoir pressure monitoring advances hydraulic stimulation effectiveness in Bakken shale ///

The geoscience community has always been at the forefront of E&P technology innovation. You only have to think of how 3D seismic has transformed oil and gas exploration, virtually obsoleting the term “rank wildcat,” as exploration success rates have passed 50% in many basins. We have seen the evolution of time-lapse 3D or 4D seismic; ocean-bottom seismic, using seabed cables or nodes to produce high-resolution multi-component data; permanent life-of-field seismic reservoir monitoring; and marine, controlled-source electromagnetic surveys for direct detection of hydrocarbons, not to mention high channel count and cable-free land seismic acquisition. All these developments have made a huge impact on oil companies’ E&P success, efficiency and bottom lines.

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