March 2011 ///

Special Focus

Continuous circulation reduces NPT

Field trials drilling with air/foam and with oil-based mud yielded lessons that will improve the ability to maintain bottomhole pressure during connections.

MPD in Algeria overcomes previously undrillable fractured reservoir

Conventional efforts had been stymied by total fluid losses leading to gas kick events.


Changing of the guard at ONGC

New chairman A. K. Hazarika and retiring chief R. S. Sharma spoke with World Oil to discuss the history and future of India’s leading public-sector oil and gas company.

From 30 to 100 with no time to spare

Only 30% of India’s sedimentary basins have been explored thus far. The country wants to build on recent successes to reach nearly 100% by 2015.

New thinking redefines seismic interpretation

Collaboration between geoscientists has resulted in a set of next-generation workflows for interpretation and modeling.

Organizing for innovation

Shell’s CTO Gerald Schotman describes the company’s new Projects and Technology group, designed to drive innovation by integrating R&D with technology solutions and project execution.

Preventing coiled tubing corrosion by hydrochloric acid in hot wells

Lab testing revealed chemistries capable of maintaining CT integrity while allowing HCl acid concentrations sufficient to dissolve calcium carbonate scales.

Technology integration, resource frontiers to headline AAPG 2011

Geoscience professionals will gather to discuss groundbreaking applications from deep water to deep space.

Value creation using electromagnetic imaging

Recent advances in controlled source EM have created new business opportunities by changing the risk equation in offshore exploration drilling.


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