January 2010 ///

Special Focus

Analysis of gas flow yields recommendations for best cementing practices

An investigation into the flow of gas at a shallow water platform after the 95/8-in. casing was cemented revealed that following good cementing practices could have prevented a potentially serious well control incident.

Use of finite-element analysis modeling of wellheads for coiled tubing intervention

Using field test results in finite-element analysis modeling improved understanding of bending moments and forces of a coiled tubing intervention stack on the North Slope of Alaska.


Flat-rheology mud for deepwater wells

A new, simplified drilling fluid system with nearly temperature-independent rheological properties dramatically reduced lost circulation in wells drilled in the South China Sea.

Potential of downhole gravity gradiometry for reservoir management

Applied downhole, this geophysical tool—already established in surface applications—could provide deeper depth of investigation than traditional nuclear measurements.

South America’s oil producers luring multinational E&P companies

The old adage that money has no ideology proves true for the region’s oil economies.

Stress studies improve performance of expandable production liners in sticky MRC applications

Studies conducted in Saudi Arabian wells illustrate issues that bear on expanding casing in high-angle and horizontal wellbores.

Wireline-retrievable ESP shuttle could change pump management paradigms

A field test demonstrated the ESP shuttle system’s ease of retrieval compared with conventional downhole pump installations.


Drilling advances

Subsalt drillers learn to take it easy

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